How to Make a Princess Castle Entrance

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Whisk party guests away to an enchanted castle, or make the door to your daughter's room a portal to her very own palace by making a princess castle entrance. This entrance can be built around any doorway and taken down in case you need to turn your castle back into a house. After you have built the structure for the entrance, invite your princess to paint and add her own touches to her castle's entryway.

Measure the height and width of all usable space around the doorway to know how much room you have to work with for your castle entrance

Measure the length and width of your doorway. Make sure the door to your entryway swings inward and not outward.

Cut a piece of half-inch-thick foam core to the dimensions of the space around your doorway. For example, if you have a 6-by-8-foot space, cut the foam core to those dimensions.

Draw the doorway onto the foam core using the measurements you took. Cut out the doorway from the foam core using a utility knife. Keep the portion you cut off in one piece.

Draw two large triangles pointing upward on each end of the top of the foam core entrance. Extend two rectangles beneath the triangles for the towers of the castle.

Angle one line from the inner end of each tower to the top of the foam core to form the front peak of the castle entrance.

Cut around the shapes, and discard the excess foam core.

Paint the entire castle entryway with gray or purple acrylic paint, depending on the color your princess wants. Allow the paint to dry.

Paint black rectangles in several rows along the entryway to mimic the bricks of a castle. Color in the tops of the towers brown or black.

Paint in details on the castle such as stars or swirls using glitter paint.

Lay the piece of foam core cut from the entrance flat on the ground. Paint the surface brown. Paint vertical stripes along the wood to simulate the planks of wood in a drawbridge. Allow the paint to dry.

Twist one screw at each of the car corners of the drawbridge. Twist one screw into each of the top corners of the gap in the entryway.

Turn the entryway over, and attach double-sided adhesive tabs to each corner and along the inside of the foam core.

Position the foam core around the doorway, and press it firmly against the wall to secure it into place. Lay the drawbridge in front of the entryway.

Attach rope or chain from the top screw hooks of the entryway to the far corner screw hooks on the drawbridge to make it look like the castle bridge is down. Cut any excess string with scissors to complete the princess castle entrance.