How to Make a Phiten Tornado Necklace

Want to wear what many Major League Baseball players wear to ease neck and shoulder pain? You can make your own Phiten Tornado necklace with just two regular Phiten necklaces and a few household items.

Select two regular Phiten necklaces. Make sure each one is the same length.

Secure the "male" and "female" ends of both necklaces tightly with a rubberband.

Wind each necklace in the same direction, overlapping over the next with each turn.

Twist the necklaces in the opposite direction of the way you are winding them. For example, if you wind the necklace to the right, then you must twist the necklace to the left, and vice versa.

Cut off the clasp and rubber slide piece on one of the necklaces when you are finished twisting.

Cut out a portion of the rubber slide piece on the other necklace, allowing the end of the other necklace to fit inside.

Place super glue into where the hole was cut in Step 6, and insert the necklace from Step 5. Allow at least five minutes to dry for a solid hold.