How to Make a Newspaper Wedding Favor

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Place your wedding on the front page of the newspaper. Creating a customized newspaper gives you the chance to share with your guests important information and show your personality to new family members. Hand out as a favor that can be kept as a keepsake. Designing a wedding newspaper for newlyweds is a gift that the wedding party, family or friends can make for the couple as a surprise. Consider asking the ring bearer to hand out the papers as guests come through the receiving line.

Gather News

Gather possible stories to include in the newspaper. Brainstorm possible ideas and pull out favorite photos of the couple.

Ask others for their stories. Consider including a feature on how the parents and grandparents of the new couple met. Request marriage advice from friends and other family members. Introduce the members of the bridal party. Include their photos and a brief bio. Add a sentence or two about how they met the bride and groom.

Create a quiz about the bride and groom. Use a computer program to create a word find or crossword puzzle. Ask an artistic friend to draw a cartoon featuring the adventures of the newlyweds.

Search for information on the honeymoon destination. Write an advertisement to feature this location. Other advertisements can be produced to feature their choice of cake, florist or wedding hall.

Caption photos to be placed throughout the custom newspaper. Write catchy headlines for the stories that you have gathered.

Create Paper

Choose a newspaper template from the variety offered on the web. Most are fully customizable, allowing you to rearrange sections and insert photos where desired while keeping a coherent newspaper design.

Use the inverted pyramid newspaper style when writing the stories. Start with the basic facts adding details as the story progresses. Convert the stories that are submitted to follow this approach, except for the advice column, editorials and any cartoons.

Type the completed stories into the template. Scan photos into the computer. Place headline news on the first page along with a clear photo of the newlyweds. Arrange until you achieve a good balance of stories and photos on each page.

Print the custom newspaper on sheets of 17" X 11" paper. Fold in half to create a newspaper. Two sheets of paper printed on both sides will create a 4 page newspaper.

Place the wedding newspaper favors on the tables or consider setting up a mock newspaper stand.