How to Make A Natural Body Mud Pack

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For thousands of years, healing practitioners used mud packs to treat a variety of disorders and to heal wounds. Applying clay to your skin helps pores to open, promotes skin circulation and assists with eliminating toxins. You can create an economical mud pack at home -- and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of clay with a few simple ingredients.To avoid excessive drying of the skin, however, don't apply the mud mask more than once a week.

Pick the type of clay you would like to use. French green clay, bentonite, fuller's earth and kaolin are all natural clays with high mineral content.

Combine the clay and water into a medium-sized bowl and mix until smooth. Add more water or clay if necessary.

Stand in the bathtub or over an old towel to catch any spills. Apply the clay pack to your body with a paintbrush or spatula, coating the skin evenly.

Wrap up in an old towel or sheet, and then cover your body with an old raincoat to lock in the heat and moisture. Let the mud pack dry completely, which should take approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

Rinse the clay in the shower off with warm water, and then with cool or cold water. Pat your skin dry and apply a natural moisturizer, such as coconut or jojoba oil.