How to Make a Mesh Scrubby for Your Shower

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A mesh scrubby helps to exfoliate the skin, creating a clean, healthier look. Mesh scrubbies are made in different sizes and colors, and are useful for both adults and children to use in place of standard washcloths. Making a homemade mesh scrubby is both quick and affordable. Scrubbies are not only useful in your own bathroom, they also make nice accessories to include in a gift basket full of bubble baths and oils. Nylon mesh scrubbies are also washing machine safe and dry quickly by just hanging them in the shower.

Lay one piece of nylon mesh on a flat surface, and measure down 1 inch using a ruler beginning at the top left edge. Place a small dot using a washable black marker at the 1-inch point, and continue this process working your way down the entire side of the fabric. Repeat for the right side of the nylon mesh.

Lay the second piece of nylon mesh on a flat surface and also measure down 1 inch. Be sure to measure down both sides of the fabric. Place the first piece of marked nylon mesh on a flat surface, holding each bottom corner between your fingers of each hand.

Lift the fabric up slightly and fold over. Make sure to match the corners that you are holding to the marked dots that are on each side of the fabric. Hold both layers of fabric between your fingertips at the marked dots and fold the fabric under 1 inch, creating layered folds held together with your fingertips. Repeat this process throughout the rest of the fabric, folding it over and under while continuing to gather it each time with your fingers to hold it secure.

Hold each of the ends together using a straight pin, and repeat the same steps on the second piece of nylon mesh. Fold each piece of nylon mesh in half, and cut open each of the closed ends with a pair of scissors. Lay all the folded pieces of nylon mesh directly on top of one another, and secure with one straight pin through the center. Remove the straight pins from the ends.

Gather all the nylon pieces together in the center using a piece of floral wire. Wrap the wire around the nylon fabric twice before folding the ends of the wire down, keeping them smooth and unseen. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the floral wire and tie it into a bow, creating a more feminine look to the mesh scrubby and hiding the wire.

Unfold each piece of nylon and ruffle it up using your hands to allow the mesh scrubby to become its full round size.