How to Make a Masquerade Eye Mask

masquerade image by Erin Cadigan from

Making a masquerade eye mask should be an uncomplicated task. The fun should be in the embellishments added to it like feathers, rhinestones, sequins and glitter. A masquerade eye mask can be made for several occasions, not just a masquerade ball, including Halloween or a themed birthday party.

Measure the width of space between the temples on the head and over the bridge of the nose using the ruler. Measure the length of space between the middle of the forehead and the bridge of the nose to get the long measurement of the masquerade eye mask. Draw these dimensions with a pencil on the cardboard. Draw an outline of what you want the masquerade eye mask to look like using the dimensions as a guide.

Cut out the masquerade eye mask from the cardboard using a pair of scissors. Do not cut eye holes yet because it is important for them to be in the right spot. To find the correct spot for the eye holes, place the cardboard cutout over the area that it would normally cover against the face. Place one finger over the area where your eye is beneath the cardboard. Draw a small circle on this area. Repeat for the other eye. Cut these circles out but keep them small. The larger eye holes will be cut out later.

Glue the black fabric or felt over the entire area of the cardboard eye mask cutout. Cover both the front of the cardboard and the back of the cardboard masquerade mask with the fabric. Smooth the fabric with your fingers to flatten and tighten it over the cardboard cutout. Do this on the back also. It may be necessary to cut the fabric and glue it in two sections. Cut off excess fabric. Let the fabric dry to the cardboard for 15 to 20 minutes.

Find the two holes that were cut out on the cardboard which are now covered by the fabric. Cut out eye holes using this area as a guiding point. It may help to draw using a piece of chalk or a pencil the eye shape on the fabric before cutting. Cut out the first eye shape and place the cardboard against the face to make sure you can see through the eye hole. Repeat cutting the eye shape on the other eye. Start the holes off small to get the right size instead of cutting large holes that cannot be fixed.

Decorate the mask in any way you would like. Mini feathers can be glued on the edges of the back part of the masquerade eye mask to make a great border. Faux rhinestones can be added sporadically over the eye mask or to the corners of the eye holes for pretty embellishment. A design can be drawn with glitter glue to make the mask unique and original. Sequins can be added around the border of the front of the masquerade mask and also around the eye holes to add a dramatic look to the mask. Let all the decorations dry. Paint, decorate or color the craft stick and let dry before attaching it to the back, right side of the masquerade mask with glue. This is what will be used to place the mask over the eyes.