How to Make a Lighted Wedding Canopy

Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

A wedding canopy is both practical and romantic for an outdoor wedding or it can make an indoor altar really stand out. Whether it’s the traditional Jewish chuppah or simply a decorative addition, a wedding canopy draws attention, shelters the bride and groom and sets a beautiful scene. Adding lights to the canopy creates the illusion of being under the stars, and wrapping lights in soft tulle softens their glow to resemble candlelight. Rather than ordering an expensive canopy, make this a do-it-yourself project to achieve the desired look.

Remove the cloth cover from the pop-up gazebo. Use the cover as a template for cutting the tulle to cover the top of the structure.

Cut eight triangles of tulle, about 8 feet wide at the base, according to the dimensions of the gazebo’s cloth cover. Sew or glue each triangle to another to double-up the fabric. This will hide the metal frame.

Sew the triangles together with the points meeting to form the top cover of the gazebo. Use the fabric cover as a guide.

Sew floral tape across the corners of the canopy's underside, leaving several inches on both ends loose. These will wrap around the corners of the metal frame to hold the canopy in place. Floral tape acts like a hook-and-loop fastener, so it will stick to itself when wrapped around the metal frame.

Sew two strips of floral tape crossed at the center of the canopy's underside where the four triangles meet. These will also be wrapped around the metal frame, so leave several inches hanging loose.

Sew a long strip of tulle to each corner of the canopy to cover the legs of the gazebo.

String the LED lights around the canopy. Use as many as you wish to cover the top and the legs of the gazebo. LED lights stay cool so they will not burn the tulle.

Fit the canopy over the gazebo. Wrap the floral tape around the metal poles to secure it at each corner and at the top. The tulle should be pulled taut.

Gather the tulle strips loosely midway down the legs and tie each strip with a large sash or another decorative tie. Let the tulle fall loosely and drape over the ground.

Test the lights. If they are too bright, wrap them loosely in tulle to soften their glow. You can also drape tulle loosely inside the canopy in large swaths.