How to Make a Ladybug Piñata

How to Make a Ladybug Piñata. Piñatas have been used for years all around the world to celebrate a happy occasion. Piñatas are filled with candy and small toys for children to gather after the piñata is broken. Homemade piñatas, especially ones like a ladybug or bumblebee, are easy to make and even more fun to break open.

Cut or rip newspaper into 2-inch wide strips. The newspaper is going to end up being the actual ladybug piñata when you are through.

Prepare the paper mache mixture. This mixture is made with equal parts of water and glue. Mix this together until it is smooth.

Blow up a balloon. The size of the balloon you use will determine how big the piñata will be.

Cover the balloon in the newspaper and paper mache mixture. Dip strips of paper in the paper mache mix, and use your fingers to remove any excess. Lay the strips across the balloon overlapping as you go until the whole balloon is covered with just the tied end sticking out.

Dry the piñata. Let the piñata dry overnight or until all of the paper mache mixture has hardened. Now puncture the balloon and if possible, pull out the deflated balloon.

Paint the ladybug piñata. Using red and black paint, paint the piñata to look like a lady bug complete with a stripe down the back and spots on each side. You can use pipe cleaners to make antennae.

Fill the piñata. Using a utility knife cut a half circle in the bottom of the piñata big enough to fill with the candy and toys that you bought. The flap can then be pushed back towards the piñata and taped shut. Oftentimes you will only need to bend it in on itself a little, and it will stay closed.