How to Make a Lace Wig

Ever wonder how celebrities like Beyonce, Ashanti, and many more get flawless hair? Well "lace wigs" or also known as "lace front wigs" is how they do it! These wigs are made so that hair looks more natural as if it is growing from their scalp! This article is going to teach you, How to make a lace wig.

First, you need to make sure the clients head is as flat as possible with no lumps from their real hair. You can do this by using a wig cap.

Next, you will need to measure the clients head in all the directions.

After carefully measuring your clients head, you will need to make a foundation. The cotton ribbons are to be nailed to the wig block using the measurements.

A wet cotton lace is shaped over the wig block. Note that we are not sewing yet, we are just tacking together.

Now apply the nylon lace which is available in a variety of colors.

The wig foundation is done and is now ready to be sewn by hand or machine. Once the wig foundation is sewn, be sure that you meet up with your client to be sure its a perfect fit.

Now is time to discuss the desired hairstyle, length, thickness, curliness, and color with your client. Human remy hair is best. Remember to use non-wefted hair(no-tracks).

Now working with the hair, you are to use a hackle to sort the hair. You do this by pulling the hair through the hackle several times, flipping the hair to make sure all the hair you use is healthy.

Now once done with hackling, place all the hair between two drawing mats and now it is ready to be used.

Now the foundation of the wig is needed. When making the wig, a ventilating needle is used. The needle is needed to knot the hair through the lace strand by strand! The step to this is in the following picture. Its some what compared to a rug knot.

You should start the ventilating process in the neck area then work your way up using only one strand of hair at a time. Some people use two stands at a time in the back and only one strand in the front.

For the lace parts of the wig, use single knots. Use double knots for the ribbon part. The ventilating is done using all six directions of the lace to get natural looking hair.

Then you finish it by making the whirl and the parting. The very last step is to turn the wig inside out and put hair on the inside of the edge ribbons so they won't show. Style and cut the wig as desired.