How to Make a Homemade Belt

The use of homemade belts gained favor in the times of early mankind when they held clothing in place and also provided a practical service by temporarily storing tools and weapons to allow the wearer to keep both hands free. Over time, the belt developed from being just a useful clothing accessory to also becoming a fashion statement and nowadays belts come in all shapes and sizes; sometimes belts are simply worn for accessorizing with other clothes while at other times they incorporate certain features that allow them to be useful for those engaged in a variety of trades. If you are looking for a stylish fashion accessory that reflects your distinctive personality and taste, why not follow a few simple steps and create your own perfect homemade belt and craft it to fit any occasion?

Measure your waist using the measuring tape. Keep the tape lose enough to fit your index finger between tape and skin. This ensures that the belt can be worn even if you are planning on tucking in a blouse or shirt.

Write down the waist measurement on the notepad and add two inches. This is the circumference of the homemade belt.

Draft a sketch of what the finished belt will look like with respect to decorations.

Decide on the width of the belt. A standard measurement is three inches, but depending on your use for the belt you may want to make it wider.

Measure the felt and use the pencil to indicate the needed length and width of the homemade belt. You now have an oblong figure drawn on the felt.

Pick up the scissors and, holding on to the material carefully, cut out the strip of felt you have measured.

Choose one end and trim it into a triangle. This portion is the end.

Turn over your length of felt and place the self-stick hook and loop tape close to the pointed end of the belt. Ensure that both pieces match perfectly before removing the self-stick tape and pressing the pieces into place.

Decorate the length of the homemade belt with rhinestones, sequins, buttons and foam shapes by simply gluing them on with the fabric glue.

Wait until the glue has dried and gently wiggle each of the decorations you have added to the felt. When you are satisfied that each one is securely attached, you are ready to wear your homemade belt!