How to Make a High Chair Birthday Banner

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The focal point of a first birthday celebration is often the baby's first taste of cake. Usually, parents will put the baby in her high chair and have everybody gather around to watch the proceedings and take photos. Decorate for the event by making a birthday banner to attach to the front of the high chair. Choose colors and a personalized saying to fit with your chosen theme and the feel of the party.

Measure the front edge of the high chair tray with a measuring tape to find out how long your banner should be. The banner should not wrap around the edges of the tray because you need to be able to read the whole thing from the front.

Decide what you would like your banner to say. Common options include "I am 1," "Birthday" or the child's name.

Count the number of characters in the saying. Count spaces as well as letters. For example, "I am 1" is six characters and "Birthday" is eight characters.

Divide the length you measured in the first step by the number of characters to calculate how wide each character should be. For example, if your tray is 24 inches long and you are making an "I am 1" banner, each character can be 4 inches wide.

Create a round stencil of the appropriate diameter out of card stock and cut it out. Alternately, find a round household item of the appropriate diameter that you can trace.

Trace the round stencil onto colored card stock that matches the birthday theme or colors. Cut one circle for each character in your saying.

Cut each of the letters for your saying out of card stock. Each letter should be about 1 inch shorter than the diameter of your circles. If you would like, you can use stencils to create the letters.

Glue a letter to the center of each circle. If you have any circles that will act as spaces, cut out a star or other fun shape and glue that to the circle.

Punch a hole in each side of each circle, about 1/4 of an inch from the edge. Line up the circles to spell your saying.

Cut pieces of ribbon about 6 inches long. Thread each ribbon through the holes on adjacent circles and tie it into a bow on the front.

Tie a ribbon onto each end of the banner and tape the ribbon to the sides of the high chair tray. You can also use double-sided tape to attach the back of each letter to the front of the tray.