How to Make a Good Luck Charm Necklace

good luck charm image by Snezana Skundric from

Although no one can tell for certain whether good luck charms actually bring the bearer good luck, that doesn't keep test-taking students, gamblers and athletes from using them. A lucky rabbit's foot or laminated four-leaf clover are common good luck talismans carried in pockets and purses everywhere.

Another way to make sure your good luck charm is always with you is to string it onto a necklace so you can wear it around your neck.

Gather your good luck charms. You can have more than one good luck charm on your necklace. Decide what objects or pendants bring you good luck, and make sure they can be hung from a necklace chain.

Prepare the chain. Some of the pendants' top loops may not fit over the small O-ring at the non-clasp end of your chain, so carefully remove the O-ring with your small pliers. Make sure not to lose the O-ring.

String the necklace. You can simply add your good luck charm or charms, or you can decorate the necklace with pretty beads on either side of the pendant or between pendants if you've chosen more than one good luck charm.

Replace the O-ring. Carefully reattach the O-ring to the non-clasp end of your necklace and make sure it is crimped closed again. Your good luck charm necklace is now ready to wear.