How to Make a Fresh Flower Wedding Cake Topper

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The wedding cake is one of the main attractions at a wedding reception. The bride and groom may use it as a focal point in one area of the room where the event takes place. You can have a cake topper that matches the reception decor or your wedding bouquet by making it yourself using fresh flowers. Dainty lightweight flowers will prevent the piece from pressing too much weight on top of the cake. Roses, stephanotis, daisies, carnations, orchids and Gerbera daisies are among the wide choice of flowers you can have on your wedding cake.

Soak the cake topper container in a small dish of water for 20 minutes to saturate the foam. The foam will turn a darker green color as it takes in the water. Set the container on a flat work surface.

Cut the stem of a rose or other fresh flower with a sharp knife so the flower is 3 to 4 inches high. Cut the stem on a slant. Insert the stem into the center of the floral foam.

Cut four more roses or other flowers to a maximum height of 3 inches. Insert the flower stems into the foam around the center flower with the blossoms at an outward angle. Add more flowers to fill in the bottom sides of the foam.

Cut the small stems from several stephanotis or daisy blossoms with a sharp knife. Insert a crystal-head or pearl-head corsage pin into the center of each blossom.

Push the blossom pins into the foam between the flowers on the cake topper. Use these small flowers to fill in the gaps between the larger blossoms. Step back to look at the topper from all sides to make sure that the foam is covered.