How to Make a Flower Pen

by Lindsey Crafter

You won't be able to stop taking notes with these cheerful floral pens. Make a bouquet to keep on the kitchen counter in a pencil cup, or arrange in a vase to add some color to your desk at work.

Remove flower bloom from stem

Hot glue bloom to the end of pen


  • Have annoying hot glue whisps? A blast of heat from a hair dryer will make them vanish instantly!

Wrap the stem

Add a dab of glue to the base of the flower to attach floral tape. Tightly wrap floral tape around the pen at a slight downwards angle, overlapping the edges by a 1/4 inch.

Finish the stem

Finish wrapping the pen when the edge of the tape is flush with the pen's cap. Add a layer of glue to seal the end and keep the tape from unwrapping.

Arrange your finished pens in a vase for your desk or kitchen counter.


  • Style finished pens in newspaper cones or burlap as original party favors for a bridal or baby shower!

About the Author

Lindsey Crafter is your go-to crafting and styling guru. She graduated from the Fashion Institute in New York City, but left the industry to pursue crafting and sewing instruction. In her free time, she enjoys creating alternative jewelry, haggling at flea markets,and pushing the limits of renovating her rental apartment.