How to Make a Flower Girl Headpiece

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Make a Flower Girl Headpiece. Flower girl headpieces can add charm to your attendant's attire, but there's no need use a store-bought model. Personalize the headpiece. You can make a customized flower girl hair wreath at home by following these steps.

Measure the circumference of your flower girl's head by wrapping some coiled florist wire around it so that it sets comfortably on the crown of her head.

Trim the wire to fit, leaving a bit of extra length at each end.

Create a "hook and eye" closure at the ends of the wire with a narrow pair of pliers.

Wrap the wire with stem wrap tape.

Use the stem wrap tape to attach small bunches of silk flowers or ivy leaves to the wire. Space them so that the stem tape is mostly covered. Continue until the entire wire is covered with flowers. Secure the flowers in place with hot glue.

Attach colored ribbon to the back of the wire circle by knotting the middle around the wire. Trim the ends to the length of your choice.

Place the flower girl hair wreath on her head to see how it looks. You may want to move a few flowers around, add a few or take some out.


  • Instead of ribbon, you can wrap lengths of tulle between the flower on the wire.

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