How to Make a Firming Face Masque out of All Natural Ingredients

Who better to take care of your skin than Mother Nature? If you find yourself in need of a good moisturizing and firming masque but don't want to slather harsh chemicals all over your skin, this recipe is just what the doctor ordered. Restore your skin's moisture balance, tone and youthful elasticity with this homemade spa treatment.

Gather your ingredients together and add one at a time into a small bowl.

Stir the mixture well until everything is thoroughly blended and has a smooth consistency

Apply the mixture liberally to your clean and dry face and neck. Use a light massaging action when you apply the masque with an upward motion. This will use the grainy texture of the kelp to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells that can cause your skin to look older and dull.

Leave the beauty masque on your skin for ten minutes. Then remove it gently with a soft washcloth and lukewarm water. Do not use hot water as it will dry out your skin.

Apply your regular lotion or cream afterwards to lock in the nutrients from the masque. Your skin will feel smoother and firmer after just the first use. Continue using this masque once a week to see further improvement over time.