How to Make a Fat French Braid

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Style your hair into a fat French braid to give a trendy twist on the traditional hairstyle. Celebrities such as Blake Lively, Molly Sims and Nicole Richie are all fans of the fashion-forward hairstyle. In addition, you can view the hairstyle on models as they walk the runway during fashion week. Creating your own fat French braid is simple, as long as you know how to do a standard French braid; the primary difference is the way you tighten your hair. The look is ideal for a date night, night out with the girls or looking fabulous while you run errands around town.

Comb hair thoroughly to remove any tangles or knots. Pull bang hair back, or push bangs forward to leave them out of the braid, and gather three equal sections of hair. Grab hair sections that are slightly thicker than a standard French braid.

Fold the right section over the middle section. The right section now becomes the middle section and the middle becomes the right. Fold the left section over the middle section. The left becomes the middle and the middle becomes the left. Do not pull the braid too tight; adjust the tightness to your preference.

Repeat Step 2, but before you fold the hair over each other, grab a section of hair to include in the braid. The additional section will be added to both the right and left side of the hair; this is what creates the French braid. Gather larger than normal sections to increase the size of the French braid.

Keep repeating the braiding process until you reach the nape of the neck. At this point the French braid will be complete and you will have to finish the braid with the hair that is hanging down your back.

Fold the hair the same way as the French braid, but you will not gather any additional hair. The braid should be wide and loose, not tight and skinny.

Tie a band around the bottom of the braid when complete. To fatten the braid up slightly, insert the long end of a comb into the braid notches and gently pull apart. Do not pull too hard because the braid may unravel or reveal a hole. Spray lightly with hair spray to maintain the look throughout the day.

Style your bangs to complement your new look if they are not included in the braid. Sweep bangs to the side and pin, or curl them into tendrils with a curling iron.