How to Make a Farewell Party Invitation

by Zoe Van-de-Velde ; Updated September 28, 2017

Farewell parties can be bittersweet, so finding the right balance of solemnity and joy for a party invitation can be tricky. The sort of party you are planning and how formal or informal you want to make it are factors to consider when creating a farewell invitation. The right wording will set the tone and will ensure your party is well-organized and that you receive replies in good time.

Informal Invite

Write the person's name and then write "is leaving." At a farewell to John, for example, at the top of the page it should say "John is Leaving!" At the top of the page you could also put a picture of John. The picture can be easily inserted in a word program. Just scan in your picture, click "insert", then "picture" and then "from file." You can adjust the size just by clicking and moving it once it is on your word document.

Below that write the theme, location, date and time of the party. It should read something like; "Come and say goodbye at a hippie-themed party. Come to 36 Almond Crescent, Blarney Hill at 7 p.m. June 13."

State the dress requirements for the party (formal, casual, black tie, etc.) and what they should bring, if anything. For example; "Dress in the spirit of long hair, peace and love. Bring a bottle of wine."

At the bottom of the page, include an e-mail or phone number for guests to reply to. For instance; "RSVP to Jane Tweed via e-mail: or call 555-5555."

Formal Invite

Print the invitations on high-quality paper. Type your invitation using a word processing program and start with something like "A Farewell Evening With John Hearty."

Below that include details about the party (for example, "Dinner and Dance at the Angel Ballroom.") Leave a couple of lines of space and then write the date and time: 6 p.m. Sept. 23.

Leave a line and then write the dress requirements: "Smart dress only, please." Below that include where to reply to. Make sure to include name, address, e-mail and/or telephone number.


  • For formal parties make sure that invitations are sent in high-quality envelopes that match your paper. Themes are an excellent way to unify a party from start to finish. Choosing something that will appeal to the person leaving is key. Make sure to include a contact number on the invitation for people to reply to. Knowing the number of guests is important.

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