How to Make a Fake Necktie

Necktie image by Nikolay Okhitin from

Learning to tie a necktie can be difficult. One way to get the polished look of a necktie without having to learn all of the steps involved in tying a necktie is to make a fake necktie. You can either make a clip-on version of a fake necktie to be clipped onto a shirt, or one with an elastic band that can be slipped over the head and worn around the neck.

Have someone who knows how to tie a necktie tie one around their neck and then slip it off while it is still tied.

Make sure that the necktie is tied tightly, then cut off the part of the tie that is on either side of the knot so that the loop that goes around your neck is removed.

Attach either an elastic band to the spots where you cut off part of the necktie or attach a clip to the back of the knot of the necktie. You can attach these items by sewing or by using a hot glue gun.