How to Make a Fabulous Bridal Veil

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

This article will teach you how to make a bridal veil at the fraction of the cost. In total it cost me less than $25 to make this veil.

1) With the help of a sewing machine or by hand, start sewing the trim to the edge of the Tulle. If you are going for a waist length veil, you should fold the tulle in half and start stitching the trim on the outer edges of the tulle until the entire edge of tulle is covered by the trimming. For a neat looking veil, trim off the excess trim.

2)Attaching the veil to the comb is very simple. a)Lay the veil on a flat surface.

b)You will then need to string the thread all the way across at the top of the veil where you'll be attaching it to the comb.

c)Leave about 2-4 inches of edge so that you can easily attach it to the comb. d)Pull thread through so that the tulle gathers like an accordion. You might have to thread it 2 or 3 times so that its sturdy.

3)Once the tulle has been gathered like an accordion, cut off the excess tulle above the stitching leaving about 1.5 inches.

a) Hold the metal comb with the teeth facing you and the edge of the tulle away from you.

b) Start tacking or sewing the tulle unto the comb until it feels sturdy.

Attaching pearls to the comb: a)I started by stringing a few pearls together and then sewing them to the edge of the comb where the tulle is attached.

b)I then used a glue gun to fill in the spaces so that the pearls were in a cluster.


  • Making this veil will take time and patience but you will be extremely happy with the outcome. If you do not like to sew your other option is to buy the iron on adhesive. This works by placing it between the trim and the tulle and placing a warm iron along so that the trim adheres itself to the tulle. If you decide to do the iron, it is important to place a cotton piece of cloth between the iron and the material so that it doesn't burn.

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