How to Make a Fabric Thanksgiving Wreath

Bring an easy-to-make, handmade wreath to your Thanksgiving hostess this year.

Originally, wreaths symbolized eternal hope, were usually displayed at Christmas and were made from evergreens to represent the strength of life they showed by persevering through long, cold winters. Wreaths still represent an unending circle of life, but now they can be found at all times of the year and are made from all kinds of materials.

Because my daughter is hosting our family’s Thanksgiving celebration this year, I thought this wreath made with the leftover fabrics from her wedding would be the perfect hostess gift to remind us all of that very special day.

Things You’ll Need

  • Straw wreath
  • Five different fabrics, half-yard each
  • Measuring tape or mat
  • Scissors or rotary cutting tool
  • Wooden letter
  • Paint in a coordinating color
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Open a half-yard of fabric so it measures 45 by 18 inches. Along the long edge, mark and start a cut every 2 inches. You can use your rotary cutter if you have one; if not, scissors will work just fine.

Start at the cuts and tear 2-inch strips. This will create a nice texture on each of the strips.

Continue to tear until you have torn 2-by-18-inch strips from all five of your fabrics.

Wrap each strip around the straw wreath and tie a knot.

Continue to tie the strips close together until you have covered the entire straw wreath. Alternate the knots so they aren’t right next to each other. Save two strips of fabric to attach to the back of the wooden letter.

Use a foam brush to paint the letter with a coordinating color.

When the wooden letter is dry, hot glue two strips to the back.

Attach the letter by tying the fabric strips around the wreath.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!