How to Make a Dreidel Out of Paper

If you’re celebrating Hanukkah, it’s likely that you will include a dreidel or two in your decorating or entertainment plans, especially if children are part of the festivities. The traditional dreidel is a spinning top that reminds Jews of the time when Greek armies controlled the Holy Land and outlawed the study of the Torah, according to Jewish website Jewish children going into the woods to study the Torah would take along small, spinning tops to pull out in case the enemy appeared. The tops would help them pretend they were only playing games.

Fold the paper square into quarters and open it up.

Use the hole punch to make a hole in the middle of the paper.

Bend the corners into the center.

Turn the shape over and fold the corners into the middle one more time.

Flip the dreidel shape over and draw the Hebrew letters on the four squares. The letters are Nun, Gimmel, Hay and Shin, an acronym meaning “a great miracle happened there.” In the game, Nun means "wins nothing." Gimmel means "wins everything." Hay means "wins half the pot." Shin means "puts one into the pot."

Slide your fingers into the compartments of the dreidel shape and gather the corners together, giving the shape a three-dimensional form.

Fasten a piece of double-sided tape around the pencil a couple of inches from the sharpened end. Guide the pencil through the hole from the top of the shape and squeeze to adhere the paper and pencil.

Use a stapler to fasten the the gathers together. Press the top of the shape gently toward the pencil.