How to Make a Dog Flower Arrangement

Dog-loving brides and grooms are finding unique ways to incorporate their furry friends into the wedding ceremony. Many couples choose to have their dogs walk down the aisle with a floral arrangement collar rather than a bouquet. Since a silk flower collar would be too heavy, a simple fresh flower collar arrangement can be made inexpensively.

Remove leaves and thorns from all of the roses. Cut the stems of the large roses approximately 1½ inches each. Cut the stems of the smaller spray roses 2 inches each.

Trim the sprigs of baby’s breath to have at least 3 inches of stem.

Take the floral wire and pierce the base of the rose beneath the bloom but before the stem. Push the wire stem through halfway and bend in half. Take one side of the wire and wrap it around the stem several times. Wrap the wire around four to five times. Repeat this process on all of the large roses. Set aside.

Make clusters of three spray roses by gathering them between your thumb and forefinger. Put the floral wire behind the stems and fold in half so they line up with the stems. Take one side of the wire and loop it around several times, gathering in the other wire. Continue this until all of the spray roses have wired stems. Set aside.

Wire the baby’s breath by placing the wire behind the stems and folding it in half. Wrap half of the wire around the stems, gathering in the other wire. Continue this until all of the baby’s breath is wired. Set aside.

Make the wire collar by twisting the two wire ends together. Cover the wires by twisting floral tape around the newly joined wire length. Do not join the two ends together until you are ready to put the collar on the dog.

Begin making the floral arrangement by placing one bundle of spray roses near the end of the wire. Wrap tape around the spray roses, connecting them onto the wire. Next, add in a bundle of wired baby’s breath and wrap with floral tape. Add in one of the large roses in the same manner. Continue adding the flowers in this manner until the entire collar is filled with the flowers. Leave several inches open at the end so you can attach it to your dog.

Carefully place the collar around the dog’s neck and wrap the ends together. Cover with floral tape to protect the dog from any loose wires.