How to Make a Dinosaur Dig for Kids

Hemera Technologies/ Images

Many children love learning about dinosaurs and there is a certain romance that surrounds archaeologists digging up fossils. The basic idea of finding dinosaur bones is breaking away at rock and unearthing skeletons. A variation of this idea can be made at home for a child’s birthday party, with toys being unearthed rather than ancient bones.

Mix together equal quantities of plaster powder, dirt, sand and rock in a bucket and add half that amount of water. Stir will with a stick until they elements are combined to create a runny mixture. The exact measurements are not essential as the mixture will be broken up later.

Pour some of the mixture into the bottom of a plastic container. The size of the container is entirely a personal choice. The larger the container the larger the dig will be, but more materials will be required.

Press plastic toys into the damp mixture so they are half submerged and pour another layer of plaster mixture on top. Repeat until the plaster runs out or the top of the container is reached so there are several layers of toys encased in the mixture.

Leave to dry for a few hours, turn out the mixture from the container and leave to harden completely for at least 24 hours.

Chip away at the block using hammers and chisels to find the toy fossils underneath.