How to Make a Diaper butterfly Baby Shower Gift

Diaper butterflies make adorable and practical baby shower gifts, table decorations, gift add-ons and more. Each one has a diaper and a baby washcloth, both of which may be used.

Turn the baby washcloth into the butterfly's body. To do this, fold the washcloth in half. Then take your chenille stem, also folded in half, and lay it in the center of the washcloth, with the folded part of the stem on the washcloth. Lay a piece of curling ribbon across the washcloth, long enough to tie around the diaper.

Fold the washcloth with the ribbon and stem in it. Starting from the folded end, roll it up. This will be the butterfly body. Tie three or four short pieces of ribbon tightly around the washcloth. Cut the tulle into a rectangle about the same size as the diaper.

Lay the diaper, design side down, on a flat surface. Lay the tulle on top of it, and lay your butterfly body on top of that. Use your ribbon (that is through the middle of the washcloth) to tie the body to the diaper. Trim the excess ribbon and you have a diaper butterfly.