How to Make a Cool '80s Shirt

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Sporting an '80s-style outfit is simple and easy. Styles were big and bold in bright colors. Oversized shirts were the craze. Women often wore off-the-shoulder sweatshirts and leg warmers over spandex pants. You can achieve this authentic '80s style by giving an oversized sweatshirt a cool look.

Place the sweatshirt flat on a table.

Draw a dotted line at an angle along the neckline area of the front of the shirt with one side lower to expose the shoulder.

Cut along the lined marks on the sweatshirt.

Put on the shirt to ensure the desired cut is achieved. If not, cut areas where needed.

Return the shirt to the table. Put the piece of cardboard inside the shirt.

Use the fabric pen to write an '80s phrase in big letters. Examples are "Bad to the Bone" or "Where's the Beef?" Or, for a more authentic '80s look, splatter neon-colored paints all over the sweatshirt in the style of Jackson Pollock.