How to Make a Cookie Bouquet

How to Make a Cookie Bouquet. Cookie bouquets put a new spin on traditional flower bouquets. You can make a heart-themed cookie bouquet for Valentine's Day or send cookies shaped like flowers to celebrate a summer or spring event. For a theme to fit any occasion, consider a cookie bouquet with balloon-shaped cookies.

Decide what theme you want to use. You can cut shapes with cookie cutters or use icing to draw designs on regular shaped cookies. Popular themes include sports bouquets with basketballs, baseballs or tennis balls, Easter egg shaped cookies or Christmas ornaments.

Make or buy cookie dough. While most cookie bouquets use a sugar or butter-cream cookie, you can use any type of cookie. Pick your favorite type or make that special recipe for the person getting the bouquet.

Roll out the dough for shapes or make balls with your hands. You want to use thin cookies, approximately ¼- to ½-inch thick.

Insert a craft stick into the base of each cookie, place the cookies on a baking sheet and bake according to directions. Allow the cookies to cool completely.

Frost the front of the cookies according to your theme. You can add food coloring to white icing or buy special icing with tips for decorating. You may want to ice the back of the cookies to improve the overall appearance of your cookie bouquet.

Secure the stems for the cookie bouquet with a rubber band, Styrofoam ball or floral foam. Wrap tissue around the base of the bouquet and place it inside a bucket or another festive or decorative container.