How to Make a Cinderella Costume,,

Cinderella is a classic fairy tale, and also a great character to dress up as for Halloween. While you can certainly purchase a wide variety of Cinderella costumes everywhere from your local discount store to high end costume outlets, it may be more fun for you to make your own Cinderella costume. Then, when you are the belle of the ball, you can take all the credit for yourself.

Start a few weeks ahead of time to allow yourself time to find the perfect pieces to make the costume complete. Give yourself at least two weeks to locate all the pieces of your costume and make sure that they work together. That way, if something does not look right to you, you will have time to alter or replace it before the big event.

Find a light blue ball gown with a wide skirt. You can interpret Cinderella's look any way you choose, however. If you prefer, you can wear a different style or even a different color. Remember that Cinderella is most often portrayed in blue, so you will have less explaining to do if you wear a light blue dress.

Assemble your accessories. Cinderella looked so stunning at the ball in large part because of her opulent accessories. Make sure that you have a rhinestone tiara, gold clutch purse, gold belt that can be loosely draped around your waist or a gold scarf to wrap around your shoulder and appropriate jewelry. Since you are dressing up, large, sparkling costume jewelry is most appropriate.

Design your crystal slippers. Cinderella's trademark is her glass or crystal slippers. You can make your own slippers by gluing large rhinestones to a pair of shoes. The rhinestones should cover every inch of the shoes so that they sparkle and shine just like the princess' did. If you do not want to make your own shoes, purchase clear plastic shoes that are embellished with rhinestones at almost any shoe store that sells formal evening shoes.

Make sure your makeup looks the part. You may want to exaggerate your makeup since you are going to be in costume. However, whether or not you change your basic look, you should coat the finished result with body glitter. After all, Cinderella was out for a magical night courtesy of her fairy godmother, so of course she would have been wearing a little fairy dust.