How to Make a Cigar Box Purse

by Fashion, Style & Personal Care Editor

How to Make a Cigar Box Purse. Cigar box purses burst on the fashion scene and can now be found at pricey boutiques. The variety of designs is endless, limited only by the cigar boxes available. By applying your imagination, you can keep up with this trend and save some money by making your own cigar box purse.

Items you will need

  • Cigar box
  • Eye screws
  • Handle
  • Fabric
  • Glue
  • Buttons
  • Glitter
Step 1

Get an empty cigar box. Anyone who smokes cigars probably has an abundance of empty boxes. You can also ask at your local smoke shop for empties. When choosing a box for this project, keep form, function and fashion in mind. Look for tight clasps, a large opening and sturdy wooden construction.

Step 2

Attach a handle. Secure the eye screws into one side of the cigar box to form the base for the handle. You can either attach a regular handle to the eye screws or fashion a handle from some chain links purchased at a craft store. Consider where the opening is on the box when deciding where to place the handle.

Step 3

Line the purse. Using fabric and glue, line the inside of the cigar box. Glue fabric around the sides of the box, folding it back at the top to create a finished edge. Then, attach one piece to the bottom of the box to hide the rough edges.

Step 4

Decorate the outside. You can use cigar box purses you've seen in stores for ideas of how to decorate the outside of your purse. Choose a fashionable color scheme for your creation. Glue fabric, buttons, trim, glitter or anything else you can think of to the two large surfaces of your cigar box. One idea is to cover each side with buttons of the same color. You can also cut pictures from magazines, glue them on like a collage, then put a clear coat over the entire surface. Stick to your color scheme, and whatever you do will look great.