How to Make a Christmas Log Candleholder,

A Christmas log candleholder makes a wonderful gift for friends and neighbors, or a great accent for your own hearth. If you live in an area where the climate is too warm for a fire at Christmas, you can bring the feeling of winter indoors without the additional heat by lighting this seasonal decoration. This candleholder is easy to make, and you can either use sticks that you find outside or purchase precut logs from your local hardware store.

Make sure that the branches are clean and free of bugs. If you have brought them in from outdoors, then you may wish to peel any moss or lichens off of them. Shake them thoroughly to make sure that you do not bring unwelcome critters indoors.

Drill a hole in the center of one of the branches. It should be just large enough to wedge the taper candle into it. If you do not have a large drill bit, then you can drill several holes next to each other with a small one.

Glue the branch with the candle hole across the other two branches. You will have formed an "H" shape with the branches. Use plenty of glue to make sure that the structure is secure.

Wedge the candle into the hole in the crosspiece. It should be a tight fit. If it sits loosely, then use a little glue to secure it.

Decorate the crosspiece and the outer logs with the holly, bows and small ornaments. You can arrange the accents in any manner that you wish. Most people like to start out with the holly and bows in the middle around the candle, then work outward. Make sure that you use plenty of glue so that everything will hold together when you are finished.