How to Make a Cape for a Child

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Chances are, sometime in your child’s life she will ask you for a costume that requires a cape. Whether your child wants to dress up as a superhero or a vampire, a cape can be a very important part of her costume choices. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on this particular garment. With some fabric and a few supplies, you can create the cape of your choice, with any fabric your child likes, just in time for Halloween. According to the Disney Family Fun website, it is possible to make a child’s cape in as little as one hour.

Create the basic shape of your cape. You can leave the shape as a standard rectangle, or you can create a jagged bottom. To shape the bottom of the cape, first fold the fabric in half. Draw a jagged edge along the bottom with the pencil in the pattern of a wave. Cut along the markings, removing the excess fabric. Unfold the fabric, and you will have a rolling edge across the bottom.

Cut small slits along the top of the cape. The slits should be slightly bigger than the width of your ribbon, and spaced 1 to 2 inches apart.

Thread your ribbon through the slits in the fabric. Leave an equal amount of free ribbon hanging on each side to tie it around your child.

Drape the cape over your child’s shoulders. Allow the ribbons to hang down the front, and pull each underneath your child’s armpits. Tie the ribbons at your child’s back, so the ribbons are wrapped around the shoulders like backpack straps. This will hide the ribbons and make the cape fit more securely.