How to Make a Cake Shaped Like a Alligator

To make a cake shaped like an alligator, you must bake a combination of bundt cakes, sheet cakes and cupcakes. Depending on how you want your alligator to look, you use the cakes you need to shape the alligator. Use your own imagination and creativity to change up this one simple way to get the correct shape.

Bake a 9x13 sheet cake, one bundt cake and a tray of cupcakes. You can use any flavor cake you desire. If you want to make the cake taller, you may need to bake an additional sheet cake to add height. While the cakes are baking, you can prepare the other ingredients. The bundt cakes will be laid out to create a windy tail. If you want a straighter tail, bake another sheet cake and cut the curve into it.

Draw or trace the alligator on a sheet of butcher paper. This acts as your guide for cutting the cake. You can cut freehand, but it will be easier if you have some sort of idea how you want the alligator shaped. You can so a straight alligator where the tail is curved behind it, or you can have it "curled" up more.

Make the frosting for the cake. You need at the very least green frosting, but you may also want a different shade of green to add contrast. You can use candy to create the eyes and teeth, but you may also use white frosting.

Let the cake cool completely before shaping the pieces. Once cooled, cut the bundt cake in half, so that you have two semi-circles. Move one half of the cake to the right, so that the flat edges are lined up, creating an "S" shape for the body and tail. Cut the end of the tail (the end of the bundt cake) into a point to complete the tail. You can also cut any shaped tail out a sheet cake. For added height, stack cakes pieces to your liking.

Place the sheet cake against the body. The sheet and bundt cake should lie flush against each other. Cut the sheet cake into the shape of the alligator head. A triangle, similar to a Christmas tree, shape is the easiest to cut, but you can add more roundness and curves as you see fit.

Create eyes using marshmallows or two cupcake tops (just the round top half). Place the "eyes" close together near the back of your head, close to the tail.

Cut two cupcakes in half and place one on each side of the body near the head. Place the other cupcake halves further down the body, one on each side. These are the alligator's legs.

Attach all body parts to each other using icing. This keeps the cakes together while you decorate and can fill any gaps from irregularities in the cakes' surfaces.

Cover the entire cake (minus marshmallow eyes if you used them) with green frosting. Using a flat spatula, softly tap the icing to create scales. You can also use different frosting tips to add texture.

Add details, like the white eyes and white teeth. You should also use black or darker green for the nostrils and scales along the tail. You can also use candy for these body parts.