How to Make a Bubble Wedding Veil

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Bubble wedding veils are short, voluminous veils that add height to the bride while making a strong fashion statement. Their double-layer construction works to make the veil fluff outward and upward. Before you begin making your bubble veil, decide the length you want it to be. The longest layer of a bubble veil is generally between 16 and 30 inches, while the shorter layer is 3 inches less. This makes the bottom of the veil come in towards the body a bit more, adding a dramatic contrast between the crown and hem.

Lay the tulle fabric out flat and fold it horizontally. Adjust the fold so the top layer is the length you want your veil's top layer to be. Add 3 inches to this measurement to discover the length of the longer layer. Cut the lower layer of fabric to this measurement.

Round the corners of both layers slightly to give the veil a smooth appearance.

Mark the fold at the top of your tulle with pins, only pinning through a single layer of fabric. This ensures that the layers stay even throughout the project. Unfold the fabric and ease stitch a horizontal seam across the section you pinned. Ease stitching is accomplished by sewing across one layer of fabric using the widest stitch possible without knotting the beginning or ending stitches.

Remove the pins and place the comb on your work surface with the teeth pointing down and towards you. Place the tulle fabric on top of the comb with the longer layer closest to you, keeping the ease stitching flush with the comb's bridge.

Pull the top threads in the veil's ease stitching taut to gather the fabric. Continue until the gathered portion is the same width as the comb's bridge. Pin the gathers in place and sew over the top to keep it secure.

Unfold the fabric and place the gathered edge against the comb's bridge. Sew the comb to the veil using the nylon thread, weaving the thread through the comb's teeth and over its bridge.