How to Make a Bridal Shower Wishing Well

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A wishing well at a shower offers guests the chance to share their good wishes with the bride and groom. It's also an easy way to collect small wedding shower gifts. Make it yourself out of useful household items that the new couple can use in their home. When you send out wedding shower invitations, let guests know you'll be having a wishing well and explain the focus of the well; for example, kitchen gadgets.

Use the large laundry basket as the base and the collection point for shower gifts. Select a rectangular laundry basket with sturdy sides and handles.

Use tape or yarn and attach the mop to the basket, choosing a side that does not have a handle. Attach the mop so that the sponged surface rests at the bottom of the basket, with the handle going straight up.

Attach the broom directly opposite of the mop with the brushing surface resting on the bottom of the basket.

Connect the two handles with the rolling pin. Place the pin six to eight inches from the top of the broom and attach one side using yarn or duct tape. Slide the bucket onto the rolling pin. The bucket is the collection point for the good wishes, short poems or other written memento of the shower. Finish attaching the other side of the pin to the opposing handle.

Cut the cardboard so it's slightly longer than the length of the basket and about two feet long. This will be the roof of the wedding shower wishing well. Decorate it with a brick pattern, put pictures of the bride and groom on it or cover it in paper or fabric.

Fold the cardboard in half to form a roof. Rest it on top of the broom and mop handles to complete the bridal shower well. Use tape to keep it in place.