How to Make a Birthday Card Special

Happy Birthday Card. image by Trish from

Giving a birthday card can be a great opportunity to remind someone that you care. Sending a unique, special birthday card that stands out from the usual cards can make an impact and improve any birthday celebration. There is such a wide variety of birthday cards to choose from, and it doesn't take much to make any card more special. Adding personal touches and choosing an unusual card will insure that the recipient will remember it for many years to come.

Purchase an unusual or unique birthday card. Starting with an interesting card makes the process of making the card special much easier. Choose a card that reflects the recipient's personality or life experiences.

Write a special note inside the card. Avoid generic messages, and reference a personal story that you share with recipient if possible. The experts at Birthday Messages also recommend adding a beautiful birthday related quote or poem.

Add glitter or confetti to the envelope and card. This can be messy, but makes a wonderful surprise for a child or adult that is young at heart. You may want to warn the recipient of the card so they don't get the glitter or confetti all over themselves.

Draw something personal on the envelope or inside of the card. If you are not artistically inclined, adding stickers or magazine cutouts can make this step easier.

Add a gift certificate or cash. Modern Manners and Etiquette have decided that it is perfectly acceptable to give gifts of cash or gift certificates, as they reflect your desire for the recipient to choose their own perfect gift. Even if you are giving a separate gift, a small addition to the card can make it more memorable.

Craft a custom birthday card. This can be difficult if you're not crafty, but even a simple handmade card can be more special than one purchased in the store.