How to Make a Beach Towel Basket

by Shelagh Braley ; Updated September 28, 2017

A beach-towel basket is a warm and thoughtful gift—one that can be as personal or as expensive as you wish—and it’s for anyone who loves the sun, especially those headed on vacation, including honeymooners on their way to an exotic locale. It’s simple to put together a sunny, fluffy package full of luxurious and practical items. So make a beach-towel basket and make a beach bum’s day.

Here Comes the Sun

Take the price tag off each item you’ve purchased to include in the beach-towel basket.

Create the base for the gift basket by placing the largest items, the beach towels, into the beach bag. Roll them carefully for the most pleasing arrangement and tie them with color-coordinating ribbon if you like.

Layer in the next largest pieces—the sun hats, the flip-flops—and arrange them until you think the basket is nicely balanced.

Add in the smaller items one by one, placing them in and around the anchors of the beach towels for accent and color. Tuck each piece in between the others, creating tiers so that when the package is opened, there are multiple surprises.

Wrap the package with clear cellophane and tie together at the top with a coordinating ribbon. Attach a seashell accent with ribbon or hot glue.


  • For children, include sand toys in the package. Monogram the visors or sun hats as an extra touch for honeymooning couples.


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