How to Make a Bath Towel Teddy Bear

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If you are hosting a baby shower, a bath towel teddy bear makes the perfect centerpiece to surround with presents for the expectant mother. Then, at the end of the party, you can take the bear apart and give the towels used to construct it to the guest of honor as an additional gift.

Fold both bath towels in half lengthwise twice so each towel has four layers.

Roll up one towel like a cinnamon roll. Roll the second towel around this one with the edge of the outer towel starting where the inner towel edge ends.

Secure the towel roll in place by tying a ribbon around it. This forms the bear’s body.

Fold both hand towels in half lengthwise twice, just as you folded the bath towels. Roll them together the same way you rolled the bath towels together. Secure the towel roll with another strip of ribbon and you have the teddy bear’s head.

Stack the hand towel head on top of the bath towel body with the rolled edges facing forward. Position the bows on the ribbons together so they are hidden in the neck area of the towel teddy bear.

Secure the body and head together with two safety pins, one toward the front and one toward the rear. Place these between the layers so the pins are out of sight. Use double-sided tape to help secure the pieces of the bear.

Fold all six washcloths in half and roll them up individually. Secure each roll with ribbon.

Attach two washcloths to the head for ears, two at the base of the body for legs and two higher on the body for arms. Use two safety pins on each washcloth to secure them in place. Use double-sided tape for added security at these joints.

Tie a ribbon or brightly colored baby washcloth around the teddy bear’s neck for a scarf. Using double-sided tape, stick three large beads or pom-poms on the teddy bear's face to act as eyes and nose. Attach a gift bow to the teddy bear’s head

Choose baby accessories for the towel teddy bear to hold. Examples include a small bouquet of flowers a baby bottle in the bear's paw, either of which you can attach with a rubber band.