How to Make a Baby Shower Guest Book

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You can retain the memories of a baby shower for years to come with a baby shower guest book. Baby showers offer young parents the opportunity to begin to acquire the items that they will need when their baby arrives. CNN's Money estimates that parents need $6200 to outfit their baby's first year. A baby shower guest book will allow the parents to remember the people who came to celebrate with them and helped them prepare for their baby's arrival for many years to come.

Prepare the guest book before the baby shower. Design pages that allow each guest to record their name, the gift that they brought for the baby and some thoughts for the parents and baby to read in the years to come. You can create your own pages for the guest book on word processing software programs with decorative page borders and spaces for the guests to record their entries. Alternatively, you can download prepared page designs for a baby shower guest book. The website Jan's Free Content provides free pre-designed pages for you to download and print for your baby shower guest book.

Include a copy of the invitation to the baby shower in the baby shower guest book. Include a copy of the menu of food served at the shower. If you serve a cake, take a picture and attach it to the page with the menu. Take pictures of the buffet as well to attach to the baby shower book.

Take pictures throughout the baby shower. Attach at least one or two pictures of each guest to their page in the baby shower book and include many more pictures of the guests eating, talking and helping the new parents unwrap their gifts at intervals throughout the book.

Ask guests to record their guesses about the baby's arrival date, weight and sex (if not yet known) on a page of the baby book. Other guesses that you can ask people to record include the baby's eye color (to determine after the baby's six-month birthday) and amount of hair (full, partial or bald as an eagle).

Bind the book. You can buy a simple binder at an office supply shop or you can ask a printer to bind the book for you. Alternately you can purchase a ready-made baby shower guest book and substitute your own pages for the book's pages.