How to Make a Baby Carriage Centerpiece

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Honoring a mother-to-be with a baby shower is an opportunity to celebrate and start mom with some much needed basic supplies. Hosting a shower can involve planning and a bit of work, but your efforts will be appreciated by everyone who attends. Add to the celebration by creating a centerpiece using a miniature carriage and adding touches that speak beauty, love, motherhood and of course: baby.

Purchase a miniature wire, wicker or wooden baby carriage. You can find these at craft shops or order them online. Some party stores will have multiple styles, so check locally. If you plan to do one for every table at the shower, purchase however many you need. The central table or focal point can feature the largest centerpiece while smaller versions can be placed at other tables.

Gather or purchase all the items you plan to use, including any common or unique small items such as rattles, safety pins, a baby hat, bib, special cup and so forth. If you are going to use fresh flowers, get them either the day before or day of the shower.

Place all the components onto your work area. Set the carriage in the center of the tray. You can use glass, wood, wicker and the tray can be round or rectangular. The tray serves as a support for the centerpiece and makes it easy to move the centerpiece.

Fill the carriage with candies and several of the small items. Tuck in a few flowers around the carriage. Make sure the flowers face up and outward.

Surround the carriage with greenery and flowers. Tuck more (3 or 4) small baby items around the carriage. Step back and get a sense of visual appeal. Turn the tray to check it for balance – you don't want everything piled up on one side.

Add ribbons long enough to trail over the sides of the tray. Reinspect the carriage and tray for the overall effect. If needed, tuck in more greenery or candies, or build upward from the tray to the height of the sides of the carriage with more flowers or baby items.