How to Make a 5K Run Flyer

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Hosting a 5K walk or run takes some planning and advertising to announce the event, acquire participants and give each person all of the information necessary to register. Include as much information as possible onto one page using brief descriptions. Hand out the flyers at various organization events or post the fliers in local business' windows.

Type the name of the event and center it onto the first page of a new word-processing document. Use a font size that can be read from at least 5 feet away.

Draw a text box and insert a photo from last year's event. Enlarge and center the box and image underneath the title.

Draw another text box and widen the box to fit the page. Type a section briefly describing the cause, the route, the regulations and the prizes offered to the top winners. Include the location of the starting point, the date and the time of the event. Using bold headings in a slightly larger font between the sentences to break-up the information and make it more reader-friendly. Type the event's contact person, telephone number, registration deadline and fee.

Draw a dotted line directly underneath the description box using either a drawing tool or by pressing the hyphen button across the entire width of the page.

Insert another text box to fit the remainder of the page and include registration information for each participant to complete. Type a line for the participant's name, address, telephone number, email address and payment information to record the type and amount of donations.

Review the flyer to ensure that all words are spelled correctly and adequate grammar and punctuation is used throughout the text. Restructure the boxes of the flyer as necessary for spacing and overall appeal.

Print the document and inspect it again. Make color photocopies at a print shop or office supply store to avoid using numerous printer cartridges in making enough flyers for advertising across the area.