How to Make 50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations

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A 50th wedding anniversary is an achievement the whole family wants to celebrate. An example of dedication, loyalty and love, a golden anniversary is a special event that only happens once in a lifetime. If you are planning a party to celebrate this event, you know the invitations are vital. Using your own creativity and love for the happy couple, you can make wedding anniversary invitations from your home computer.

Determine the style of your party. If you are having a classic "golden" wedding anniversary party, your card will be traditional. If you are having a more casual celebration, perhaps a big family barbecue, your invitation can be more fun and creative.

Gather your party information. Determine where and when the event will be and any other party information you need to pass on. If the party is a surprise, include this information so that your guests won't let the secret slip.

Scan some favorite photos. Perfect for the less-traditional invitation, include a photo of the wedding couple then and now. Use it on the front of your invitation. For a more traditional invitation, use just the original wedding image on the inside of the card and keep the front of the card clear for a fancy font and perhaps a poem or a piece of significant artwork.

Use a template that matches the card size you are using. Most desktop publishing software has a place where you can customize the size of your paper, or you may be able to download a template to match your card stock.

Place your images and text. For your card front you may want to place an image of the wedding couple, a poem or artwork with the text "You're Invited," or "50th Wedding Anniversary." For a more contemporary card you can do a split-screen with two images on your card front.

Type in the text on the inside of the card with all the party details. Use a script-type font that is easily readable for guests of all ages for a traditional styled card. Use a plainer font for a more contemporary invitation.

Print out your cards from your home computer, or take your digital files to a print shop. Use high-quality settings on your printer to ensure sharp, crisp graphics and text.