How to Maintain Your Hair During Exercise for African American Women

by Cynthia Tucker ; Updated September 28, 2017

Ray Robert Green/Demand Media

According to a study done on 103 African American women by the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, thirty-one percent of them admit to exercising less because it might damage their hairstyles. No one wants to waste money spent at the salon by sweating out their newly acquired hairstyle. Since exercise is essential to your overall health, it is important for you as an African-American woman to learn how to maintain your hair during exercise.

Condition your hair and wash it with mild, pH-balanced shampoo once a week. Sweat builds up in the pores on your scalp after exercise and is damaging to the health of your hair.

Comb out your hair with a wide tooth comb, especially if it is permed. This will prevent you from inadvertently pulling out your hair.

Limit the amount of sweat that gets into your hair. Style your hair into a ponytail or wrap your hair with a silk or cotton scarf before beginning your workout. This will limit the amount of sweat that attaches to your hair.

Wear an easy to maintain style that will not be ruined with exercise. This includes bobs and layered cuts, as well as braids, twists and locks. Natural hairstyles are easier to maintain than processed hair. You can also wash these hairstyles more frequently.

Use leave in conditioner after exercise and set your hair with rollers. This will counteract the effects of all the sweat that accumulated in your hair during exercise.

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