How to Machine Embroider on Fleece Blankets

by Robert Moreschi ; Updated September 28, 2017

If you wish to design your own fleece blanket to decorate your home or even to give as a gift, there is a way to embroider your own designs onto a fleece blanket using a home embroidery sewing machine. With a software program that you can install in your embroidery machine, along with a few embroidering supplies, you can purchase or even create your own designs to embroider onto fleece blankets.

Set up your embroidery sewing machine by installing the embroidery design that you wish to use on your fleece blanket. Please note that when you are embroidering on fleece, it is best to use a design that is dense, as thinner, lighter designs are typically more difficult to embroider onto fleece.

Apply a piece of stabilizer fabric to the fleece and insert it into the hoop, tightly securing the piece of stabilizer fabric to the fleece.

Insert your fleece with the piece of stabilizing fabric into the embroidery machine at the spot where you want to begin your design, and begin to carefully and slowly embroider your design into the fleece. Try to follow the design pattern as closely as possible.

Cut away the stabilizer fabric, once you have completed embroidering your design into the fleece. Use your embroidery scissors to carefully cut away this fabric around the design.

Use tweezers or another smaller object to pull away small pieces of stabilizer fabric that remain stuck to the design. Carefully remove the stabilizer fabric as you do not want to damage your embroidering. If the stabilizer remains stuck to the embroidered design, which occasionally happens when you are embroidering designs onto fleece, you may use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove the pieces.

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