How to Lose 30 + lbs. per Month with the Better Than Bypass Diet

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When I picked up the December 1,2008 issue of Womans World and saw this article I just had to share it with you. Read and enjoy this valuable and informative article.

A quote from Doctor Meline Jampolis M.D.,author of The "No Time To Lose Diet" states; "In my opinion,this option helps people lose more weight with less strugle".She was refering to the study she was involved in while working with Purdue University.This study was all about the diet we now know as :The Better Than a Bypass Diet ! Our first order of business here is to get you to explore the wide world of Solid Meal Replacements like: 1) Full Bars 2) South Beach 3) Slim Fast Meal Bars 4) Luna Bars 5) Smart Ones 6) Lean Cuisine 7) Jimmy Dean D-Light Breakfast 8) Kashi 9) Healthy Choice 10) 1 Serving Fruit or 1 cup yogurt for snacks 11) Jenny Craig Meals 12) Nutri-System Meals

Sample Menus Breakfast: 1 packaged meal or bar 230 calories or less 1/2 cup fruit 6oz container of yogurt or a 12oz non fat Latte

Lunch: 1 packaged meal or bar 220 calories or less 2 cups mixed salad and 2Tbsp fat free dressing

Dinner: 1 packaged meal or bar 2 cups mixed salad and 2Tbsp fat free dressing 1/2 cup steamed vegetable

Snack: 1 serving fruit 1 cup lite yogurt or 1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese

Think about all this

After you have checked out all the above options for food and menu samples then make a menu based upon your likes and dislikes. This diet works because of (3) reasons: 1) EXTREME CONVENIENCE 2) ZERO GUESSWORK 3) FEWER HUNGER HORMONES

Go forth and try to be the biggest loser of all time !!