How to Look Taller

How to Look Taller. Altitude has a lot to do with attitude, but the right clothes can really help.

Select a monochromatic palette when choosing clothes. One color family from head to toe tricks the eye and brain into thinking "long and lean."

Select pieces that won't break up your body into blocks. Women, choose a long lean dress, or no-waist pants and skirts; men, opt for thin belts the same color as your trousers.

Go for well-tailored looks, princess seams and darts. A looser fit can often look wider.

Pick vertical detailing: thin stripes, visible seams, interesting buttons and contrasting ties.

Wear heels. The new square heels and stacked slides are more comfortable than stilettos ever were, so take advantage.

Great posture is an easy way to add height, or the appearance of it.

Lose weight if you're heavy. Slim will always look longer.