How to Look Like Tina Turner for a Fancy Dress Party

How to Look Like Tina Turner for a Fancy Dress Party. No one does it like Tina Turner does. If you have a fancy dress party to go to, why not pull out all of the stops and go dressed like Tina Turner. Not only will you have a chance to strut you stuff, you'll also leave a memorable impression on the other guests.

Find a short dress. Everyone knows Tina Turner has one of the best pair of legs in show business. No one else can strut across the stage like Tina. If you're going to wear a fancy dress and attempt to look like Tina Turner--the shorter the dress, the better. Make sure to show off your legs.

Show off your biceps and triceps. In addition to having fantastic legs, Tina Turner tends to wear outfits that show off her toned arms. She spends a lot of time working out and looking great, and so should you. Find a sleeveless dress or one with spaghetti straps.

Let it shine. Shimmer and glitz are key when looking like Tina Turner at a fancy dress party. You don't want to blend into the crowd with an ever so tasteful plain black dress. Put on something silvery and shimmery and make a fashion statement.

Get a sexy wild auburn-colored wig. The length of the wig depends on which Tina era you want to portray. For old-school Tina, get a long wig. For the more modern Tina, make it a short wig. Either way, get the auburn-colored wig and let it shake.

Take on the Tina Turner attitude. When you walk into that party with your shiny dress and your legs and your arms showing, walk with an air of confidence. Practice your Tina Turner accent and strut your stuff.