How to Look Like Natalie Portman

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Actress Natalie Portman is a modern-day gamine. Her pixie-like features allows her to transition between looks with ease, pulling off a shaved head just as well as loose waves and ball gowns. Her personal style leans towards the feminine, with edgy touches that remain wearable. Portman keeps her cupboards stocked with classic pieces that would look just as at home in a 1960s starlet's wardrobe as the modern girl on the go. Remix your wardrobe and beauty routine to steal Natalie Portman's style.

Fuss-Free Waves

Natalie Portman keeps her hair low maintenance with a layered cut that encourages natural waves. Have your stylist cut your hair to shoulder length and add one layer that sits just below your chin. Her hair is chocolate brown with medium-blonde highlights throughout the upper layers; have your stylist add highlights if necessary. To style, wash your hair with volumizing shampoo for lift, and a moisturizing conditioner to add shine. Allow your hair to air-dry and wrap 2-inch sections of hair around a 1.5-inch iron, away from your face. Run your fingers through the waves once they cool for a natural look.

A Rosy Glow

Portman prefers natural makeup, only smoking up the eyes for the red carpet. Massage a lightweight BB cream into your skin for light coverage that allows your skin to show through. Swirl a fluffy powder brush in illuminating powder and press it over your skin to add a glow, then pat a rose-toned cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Use a flat-topped shadow brush to sweep a shimmery brown shadow all over your lids and under your lower lash-line. Wiggle a volumizing mascara into the root of your upper lashes, and finish with a bold pink lip for a special occasion or a pale-pink tinted balm for everyday wear.

A Timeless Wardrobe

Portman dresses classically elegant for events, while keeping things simple in her daily life. Choose floor-length gowns with grecian draping, or knee-length dresses in jewel tones with sweetheart necklines. Portman doesn't shy away from an edgy look, throwing on high-waisted trousers with a ruffled blouse when the mood strikes. Stock your closet with basics like boyfriend jeans, striped breton tops and fisherman-knit sweaters for everyday. Keep a beige trench coat on hand to streamline your look when the cold weather hits.

Shoes and Accessories

Portman opts for delicate accessories when working the red carpet and versatile choices when out and about. Use a jeweled headband to pull your hair back when dressing up, or slip it over top of your ponytail. Portman prefers earrings to necklaces, donning diamond-encrusted studs or dangling earrings that are under 2-inches long. Complement a ball gown with satin Mary Jane pumps or peep-toe stilettos with an embellished heel. Keep structured black sunglasses on hand for every day, and pair ballet flats with your jeans instead of sneakers.