How to Look Like Kate Hudson

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Kate Hudson is a film star and a famous beauty who has managed to maintain her personal sense of style in an image-driven industry. Learn how to achieve Kate’s healthy glow, golden spirals and laid-back look with ease by following these suggestions.

Start creating a Kate-inspired beauty routine by putting the spotlight on skincare. Kate looks naturally gorgeous during her downtime or casual moments, because her skin is clear and glowing without makeup. Access your personal routine and begin cleansing skin both morning and night with a gentle scrubbing cleanser, a non-irritating toner and a moisturizer that contains both sunscreen and wrinkle fighting properties (like antioxidants or retinol).

Create golden, shiny hair by focusing on hair health. Give strands shimmer by minimizing the amounts of time you shampoo (which can dry out natural oils) or using a dry shampoo instead. Begin using a deep conditioner (with protein to help strengthen your strands) at least twice a week, leaving it on for at least 5 minutes at a time.

Style hair with ease and a laid-back attitude. Kate is famous for her soft, bojo waves which look natural, casual and healthy. After showering, gently blot hair with a towel (no rubbing), combine a mix of hydrating gel and mousse in palms and scrunch hair upside down. Afterward, wrap ends in a low twisted bun to air dry, and avoid touching with your hands.

Focus on beauty while focusing on the environment. If simply looking like Kate isn’t enough, try living like Kate by washing and styling hair with eco-friendly products, such as the affordable line she created with David Babaii for Wild-Aid (see Resources below).

Achieve Kate’s famous glow without creating sun damage. Although Kate spends a majority of her time exercising and staying active outdoors, try protecting your skin from wrinkles and skin cancer by applying sunscreen and opting for a lotion with gradual tanning properties instead. Try picking a brand that provides both gradual tanning and SPF in the same bottle.