How to Look Good Over Forty-Five

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Life doesn't come to an unfashionable, unfit, wrinkly halt at the age of 45. It's a chance to start anew, with the benefit of having cultivated 45 years of wisdom and experience. This is the time to reassess goals and dreams and upgrade to a lifestyle and regime which suits this new stage of life.

Make an appointment with an image consultant. A consultant will take into consideration lifestyle, age, body shape, occupation and preferences in color and design to help her clients develop a wardrobe and beauty or grooming regime that better suit them. Taste, style and looks changes over the years, so at 45 it's time to reassess the way a person presents himself to the world.

Dress your age. While it at a younger age it was acceptable to purchase the latest fashion fads, it's now time to embrace classic pieces in high-quality fabrics like denim, wool, leather, silk and cotton. For women that may mean a little black dress, a trench coat, the perfect pair of jeans, a pair of black high-heel pumps, a string of pearls; for men, a crisp white shirt, colorful polo shirts, tailored jeans, leather shoes and jacket.

Work out three to five times a week. Not only do regular workouts blast you with endorphins that make you feel happy and refreshed, it's also integral in maintaining muscle mass, flexibility and bone density. A personal trainer can help build a training schedule that works for your unique needs, incorporating aerobic activities, weight training and stretches.

Update your beauty regime, if you're a woman, or your grooming routine, if you're a man. Anti-age creams get mixed reviews, but there are a few key points to keeping a complexion fresh and youthful. Exfoliate with a mild exfoliant up to three times a week. Women should avoid shiny or frosty makeup, and both women and men should consider getting an updated haircut to accentuate or provide the illusion of body and movement.

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Consult with a nutritionist to help update your diet. Around the age of 45, the body's biochemistry begins to slow down. The body relies on a regular intake of nutrient rich, high fiber foods. Antioxidants are a key to fighting aging because they neutralize oxidation and prevent cell damage, which leads to disease and signs of aging. Eat plenty of antioxidant-rich foods, such as berries, broccoli, garlic, tomatoes and green tea.

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Eliminate stress. Stress builds up over time if it's not dealt with and it makes it difficult for the people to sleep, maintain hormones and weight and defend against illness and disease. To reduce stress engage in relaxing, low impact activities, such as yoga, walking, meditation and get plenty of sleep.