How to Lace Wingtips Images

A nice pair of wingtip shoes is the perfect complement to suits and other business attire. Wingtips are characterized by their wing-shaped decorations along the toes and side areas of the shoes. While you can lace wingtips in whatever manner you see fit, the traditional method for lacing wingtips is straight bar lacing. Bar lacing makes your shoes look nicer and more professional, but is slightly more complicated than regular crisscross lacing.

Push one end of the shoelace down through the bottom right eyelet on the shoe.

Push the other end of the lace down through the bottom left eyelet.

Pull the lace ends through the bottom eyelets until you have one straight bar across the bottom. Hold the ends of the lace together to ensure they are equal in length.

Take the lace on the right hand side and push it up through the next eyelet on the right. The lace should run underneath the eyelets, and then come out from the bottom.

Run this lace directly across to the eyelet on the left, then push it down through the hole. This creates the second bar on your shoe.

Take the left end of the lace, which is hanging from the first eyelet, and run it under the eyelets to the next available hole on the left. You should be skipping the hole in which you just inserted the other lace.

Run the left lace up through the third eyelet on the left.

Take the left lace and run it directly across to the third eyelet on the right, forming your third horizontal bar.

Grab the right lace, which should currently be hanging under the second left eyelet. Run it past the other lace, up and out of the fourth left eyelet.

Take this lace and run it directly across to the fourth right eyelet, forming the fourth horizontal bar.

Bring this lace up and through the very top eyelet on the right.

Take the other lace, which is hanging from the third eyelet, and push it up through the fifth eyelet on the right.

Run this lace across and down into the fifth eyelet on the left, making the fifth and final bar. Run this up and through the top left eyelet, and then tie your shoes.